Drug APU go on the attack: what drugs is fed “cyborgs” at the front

The use of psychotropic substances, studies of the effects on the human psyche and other experimental techniques has long gone beyond the purely medical research. The fact of the matter is in local conflicts around the world there are cases of use of drugs, blunting pain and fear.



Long before in Europe began to flare up the fire of the Second world war, specific drugs-stimulants is already actively used not only in experimental, but in a completely applied fields. Even at the Olympic games in 1936, some athletes showed fantastic at the time results. Later it became clear that jump farther and run faster athletes helped Benzedrine – a special blend released by the American company “Smith, Klein and French.” Assessing the prospects of stimulant and intrigued by the increase in the duration of the effect based on Benzedrine, German chemist Fritz Hauschild, began to create a domestic product for special purposes.



After a year of research and laboratory tests, Hauschild received the first German patent for the stimulant methamphetamine. The success of the national amphetamine was tremendous — the working class, the pillars of the German people were consuming methamphetamine with the same regularity as regular food. Almost immediately after the outbreak of hostilities methamphetamine came from the soldiers. However, the absence of fatigue, concentration, and General alertness was quickly replaced by a heavy drug addiction, panic attacks and psychosis from soldiers.


After the defeat of the Nazis and the Second world experiments on drug effects on the psyche and human physiology was continued. Bigger than all the other experiments on the human psyche and consciousness came experts from the American CIA. Experts still argue about how large was the special research program “MK Ultra” and what was the actual number of subjects, but the fact of the existence of the secret programs have been confirmed.



Experts note that many years experimenting with top-secret preparations allowed the origin of the substances. Psychotropic drugs with a mean indistinguishable from conventional medicines, and they absolutely are not like the weapons with which wars are waged. American psychiatrist Donald Cameron practiced extremely unusual methods of influence on the human psyche. According to published data, a complete reprogramming of the personality according to Cameron was achieved by combined application of several active psychotropic drugs.



In addition to the volunteers who agreed to participate in the experiment were affected and normal patients. One of the most difficult not only for health, but for the life of the patients was the experiment in which the test was administered in a coma, and then using such strong drugs, abruptly began to revive. Along the way, with the use of medicines, the origin of which is debated still, Cameron used a special electro-stimulation and stress, several times higher than the tolerable value for the person.


In the course of medical research CIA on the search for a universal method of reprogramming the human psyche even killed one person. Harold Blauer, who applied for help after desperate attempts to overcome depression, died after a series of intravenous injections methylenedioxyamphetamine.


Battlefield – people



In General, according to pharmacologists with decades of experience, cases of mass use of psychotropic drugs in the American army was noted and marked on a regular basis almost from the first post-war conflicts involving the military of the United States. Panama, Laos, Vietnam, the Gulf war, the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Moreover, the military itself that a few decades ago, now – often were not even aware that steel objects for research. Experts-pharmacologists there are several main parameters through which such experiments can be carried out quickly.


Psychotropic substances can serve in the military under the guise of conventional drugs, spraying aerosols or using humidifiers, and adding drugs in water and food. Although on the official level the testing of psychoactive substances on the us military never came up, the Vietnam war, operation “desert Storm”, as well as the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq have become the most important research in this area. The main proof of the fact of the tests mainly were not the documents or eyewitness accounts, and numerous cases of the strange withdrawal of tens, and even hundreds of soldiers.



Hallucinations, confused speech, impaired consciousness and coordination – all this could not appear by itself. Experts say that such reactions of the organism – a direct consequence of the termination of receipt of narcotic substances in the human body. Simply put, a strong psychological and physical “breaking”. After the United States swept a series of scandals with the American military and experiments on the use of psychotropic substances, the hype around this topic has decreased significantly. However, in 2008, when the Russian army drove out Georgian troops from fortified positions, among the abandoned American weapons, ammunition and communications equipment, the scouts found and special stimulants.


Vials of potent substances at first took for pain – you never know, field doctors such medications are always needed. However, experts note that after chemical analysis it was determined that left in positions of “medicine” – that other, as stimulants based on amphetamines. The main effect of the use of such drugs – elevated mood, a blunted sense of fear, low pain threshold. Then the world community was outraged, they say, and be could not, after all deliveries were carried out in the framework of the official cooperation between Washington and Tbilisi.



Five years later, in 2013-m to year it became clear that pharmaceutical experiments on military is not only not prohibited, but is still actively carried out with the tacit approval of the command of the U.S. army. According to published data, since the operations of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, 2 of 10 infantrymen or Marines tightly “sitting” on a powerful analgesic under the name “Percocet” (Rus.Percocet). Strong painkillers based on opium, not only turned hardened military professionals in the normal “junkies”, but actually translated person in the mode of “life.”


From this and other drugs for the treatment of acute psychoses and schizophrenia under the name “Seroquel” (Rus. Seroquel) is an American military had no right to refuse self – conclusion were given a special Commission. Moreover, the use of potent psychotropic substances and medicinal products for the treatment of mental disorders was recorded not only in the army but in the Marines, Navy, and even the strategic missile forces.


Tea with secret and cyborgs-addicts


About the unprecedented, or rather, about the uncontrolled state of the participants of the Kyiv Maidan in 2014 the specialists of different levels mentioned quite often. That the crowd of demonstrators, zabrasyvanii special forces and other security forces with Molotov cocktails, was in a psychoactive state said even the head of the Federal drug control service Viktor Ivanov.


Anxiety, confused speech, and inadequate even by the standards of the local protest behavior in those days were considered to be employees of the Ukrainian special forces, but the protesters expressing discontent without stones, sticks, weapons and violence. Despite claims that the distribution of any drugs were found, experts explain that the beauty psychotropic weapons as means of crowd control lies in the secrecy of its application. Added to huge barrels of tea or food drugs the taste, color and smell can not be detected, and that the body is a hefty dose of synthetic poison, many of the protesters only learned a few days later. After the “active phase” of the protests in Kiev, many protesters went home.



Many came from other cities just a couple of days began to feel themselves the main curse of drug addicts – the so-called “breaking”. According to experts, during the protests, there were cases of mass use of several types of synthetic drugs. According to farmacologia, candidate of medical Sciences Andrey Naumov, act so long and so vigorously without special stimulants, the protesters simply could not. “There is every reason to believe that under the control of the Kiev protests EN masse were used methamphetamine.


He is much stronger CNS stimulants based on amphetamines, and has a more lasting effect,” – said the expert. According to Naumov, the analysis of the activity of the protesters in Kiev allows us to assert that had high dosages of psychotropic substances. “This is mainly determined by the duration of action. If the dosage is large, then the effect can stretch into day two. In the case of small doses of the drug activity begins to decline after a few hours,” said Naumov. “Possible side effect” from short-term misuse of amphetamines can break even relatively strong physically and mentally.


Psychosis and severe headaches in that case, experts say, a “normal” phenomenon. People with changed consciousness are also observed in the Donetsk and Lugansk militia. According to the representative of the operational command of the DPR Eduard Basurin, the Ukrainian soldiers pumped potent psychotropic drugs, after which they have a dulled sense of pain and fear. According to Baturina, in the first stage of the Donetsk military has faced with psychotropic pills, and later, in the terminal of the airport Donetsk was discovered bottles with a strange liquid, is signed as “water of life”. After lab tests, it became clear why after the use of such “medicines” at the Ukrainian soldiers dulled sense of pain and fear.


“It was a strong psychotropic drug that completely powers down the feeling of pain and fear. People under the influence of this money does not fall from the shots. Can the whole clip’s release, and he’s coming for you. And these cases are now noted, the industrial area to the South. In full growth are going to attack. Kill him — he goes. Shooting at him — he falls, gets up, goes again. While in the head not fall or the heart. Well, if armor — hard heart. In the head. Maybe without a head trying to get up and go. Later found out that it acts exactly 10 days. And Ukraine has always been very strongly required that the rotation took place every 10 days”, – said Eduard Basurin.


The facts are enough to argue – psychotropic weapons are, and its effectiveness is proven. Controversial efficiency from the use of drugs opornych “cyborgs” command, it seems not much care about drink, rose, died. And although the fact of using the ranks of the armed forces mind-altering drugs has already been confirmed, the main thing is still unknown – on whose recipe and of whose components is preparing a “watered for cyborgs.” In any case, to normal life “washed” the fighter APU after a shake to get back will be extremely difficult – if not killed in battle, the second stage of hell will attempt to survive the side effects.


One in the history of psychotropic weapons is clear – the local conflicts it was used, are using and likely to use next, because the best way to manage aggressive people and impossible to think.


Author: Dmitry Yurov

Photo: Minsterstvo defence of Ukraine / Facebook, defense.gov, mil.gov.ua