Donald trump goes on the warpath?

Host of the TV show “Forecasts” on the TV channel “Star” Veronika Krasheninnikova analyzes the first weeks of the presidency, the new leader of the USA of Donald trump.


The first trump is preparing war against Iran, but Russia can prevent it.


Less than ten days of the presidency of Donald trump, as has the smell of gunpowder. Without even waiting for a new plan to combat terrorism — it will be ready in three weeks — the administration of the trump beginning of the political attack on Iran.


The national security Advisor , Michael Flynn 2 Feb issued the “official warning” to Iran. Flynn has accused Iran of attacking Yemen (!) the rebels-Houthis in Saudi (!) a warship, in the testing of a ballistic medium-range missiles (which do not contradict international obligations of Iran) and “destabilizing behavior throughout the Middle East. Flynn said: “the trump condemns the actions of Iran that undermine the security, prosperity and stability in the Middle East region and beyond, and risk the lives of American citizens.”


The next day, the Deputy adviser to trump, a commando, a Hungarian-born Sebastian Gorka, commented on the words of Flynn the Fox News channel: “It is deadly clear message to our enemies and opponents…. [Iran] is a state sponsoring terrorism, which destabilizie the whole region.” Fox News for that kind of talk drew special dice “Iranian aggression”. Likewise, preparing public opinion for war with Iraq in 2002-2003.


On the same day, President trump has extended the anti-Iran sanctions imposed against 13 individuals and 12 companies.


The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis on 4 February from Tokyo said: “as for Iran, it is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world.” Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the Pentagon was discussing, probably along with China and North Korea, the reduction in purchases of Iranian oil, which in a year after the lifting of sanctions has increased by 61%. Earlier, Mattis claimed that “ISIS is just an excuse for Iran to continue the deception” (IG — banned in the Russian Federation terrorist group. — Approx. ed.).


And at this time in the Persian Gulf were military exercises of the US, UK, Australia and France — called “Uniform Trident”. The legend of doctrines, the confrontation with Iran.


Next. Sunday, February 5, Donald trump said he considers Iran a “terrorist state number one.” According to the President of the United States, Iran “does not respect our country, sends money and weapons everywhere.” And yet, trump said, Iran “follows our planes surrounding our ships in small boats.”


Yes, for small boats around the American cruisers in the Persian Gulf (!) thousands of miles from U.S. shores, and especially for the lack of respect from trump and you war to.


What is the purpose of trump and his security forces?


Iran is fundamentally the last independent state in the middle East, which Washington now for nearly forty years, could not subdue. Iran is the last major source of oil in the middle East that the States can not take control. And if you drive American diplomacy took the recent head of the largest oil corporations in the world, he knows his priorities clear — the former oil does not happen.


In recent months, we have built the most optimistic plans for the joint with trump the fight against terrorism, which did not work with his predecessor Obama. And that’s the plan trump prepares for Russia to hand over Iran — and the whole struggle.


The Kremlin did not wait for a formal proposal and sent a clear failure. Press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the United States and Russia on “a number of issues” international and regional policy “diametrical.” Peskov stressed that Russia and Iran “partner a good attitude, we value our relations in trade-economic area and hope for their further development”.


As you know, no trump for the answer not accept. And Moscow has many times have to repeat your position.


The war administration trump against Iran can prevent one country in the world — Russia. So, in September 2013, the Russian Federation stopped the attack of Washington on Syria. This time the task is more complex — because of its particular aggressiveness of the new administration. The reaction of the tramp quickly show what he meant by “improving relations with Russia.”

Author: Veronika Krasheninnikova

Photo: Andrew Harrer / Globallookpress