CNN learned about the Pentagon’s plans to send ground troops to Syria

The U.S. Department of defense is considering the deployment in the North of Syria’s regular land forces to combat terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). It is reported by CNN, citing a source in the Pentagon.

“Perhaps you will see how the regular armed forces land at some time in Syria,” — said the interlocutor of the channel. However, he noted that the final decision rests with the President of the United States Donald trump.

Currently in Syria there are only American special forces, whose main task — the training of opposition fighters opposing ISIS.

In late January, the US President Donald trump tasked his administration to find new foreign partners for the coalition leading the fight against “Islamic state”. He instructed to proceed immediately to the creation of a comprehensive plan to defeat ISIS. Within 30 days the Minister of defence James Mattis obliged to submit to Trump a preliminary draft of the document.

In early February, The Washington Post reported that the new White house administration rejected the plan of President Barack Obama’s offensive against the Syrian city of raqqa and the liberation from militants of the IG.

The US-led anti-terrorist coalition of several dozen countries to conduct the operation against the IG in Syria and Iraq in 2014. It is from the air support Kurdish and some opposition forces in their fight against militants.