Chicken Kiev in the morning the Russian foreign Ministry has turned into hamburger on Saturday morning



The journalist of the American newspaper The New York Times, Ivan Nechepurenko, working in Moscow, said on Twitter that in the dining room of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia chicken Kiev cutlets called on Saturday morning.

In confirmation of his words, he published the corresponding photo.

In the Russian Foreign Ministry”s canteen is really what a Chicken is called Chicken Kiev Crimea.

— Ivan Nechepurenko (@INechepurenko) February 15, 2017

Tweet Nechepurenko was the reason for news for “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, which was released an article with the headline “Ministry of foreign Affairs was renamed chicken Kiev cutlet in Crimea”. Reacting to the note, a journalist wrote in the social network, that does not mean a change in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the names of the dishes. “I’m not saying that they renamed it, not sure if someone has this authority,” — said to represent the press.

According to Russian Wikipedia, there are several versions of the appearance of the dish “Chicken Kiev”. According to one version, in the late nineteenth century, the restaurant “Kiev” cutlets de volei (cotelette de volaille, chicken poultry with stuffing) to leave a bone. Because she wore a hair curler, the need in the Cutlery fell away. In the end, the dish became known as the “chicken Kiev”. Americans believe that it came from them, and the name stuck due to the fact that these cakes are often ordered immigrants from Ukraine.

As for the renaming of the courses on the background of major political events in 2003 in the menu of the three cafeterias of the us Congress fries (french fries) made “freedom fries” (freedom fries). Such a gesture was a reaction to the intervention of France against the invasion of Iraq: the military operation to overthrow the regime of Saddam Hussein, which was the cipher Iraqi Freedom (“Iraqi freedom”). Although some restaurants in the United States supported the idea, the name failed to gain a foothold.