California authorities called the cost of the emergency repair of the dam

Work to prevent the destruction of the emergency dam in Oroville (California, USA) will cost the state in 100-200 million dollars. On Wednesday, February 15, said Director of the California Department of water resources bill Crowley, the Associated Press reports.

According to officials, emergency crews working around the clock, the operations involved heavy construction equipment and helicopters. In an emergency, the collector dropped 1200 tons of material — stones, gravel and soil to prevent erosion of the dam by flood waters.

As explained by Crowley, the plan for repairs is being developed, but has to be started only after the spring floods.

Earlier in the day, the President of the United States Donald trump has declared a state of emergency in California because of the threat of a dam break on lake Oroville. Trump also ordered the Department of homeland security and Federal emergency management USA (FEMA) to coordinate their actions to provide assistance to the state from the Federal government.

Three days earlier due to the high probability of destruction of a dam, the state government announced the evacuation of people from potentially dangerous areas. All their homes had to leave about 200 thousand people.