Arrested a second suspect in the murder of his brother, Kim Jong-UN

Malaysian police detained a second suspect in connection with the murder of Kim Jong-Nam’s — half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. About it reports on Thursday, February 16, the news Agency Bernama, citing local police.

The inspector General of police of Malaysia Khalid Abu Bakar confirmed the arrest of a woman, presumably related to the crime. Other information he has provided.

Earlier on the murder of Kim Jong Nam, was detained a citizen of Myanmar, Doan thi Huong (Huong Doan Thi). She was captured at the airport of Kuala Lumpur. As expected, on Thursday she will appear before the court.

South Korean newspaper The Chosun Ilbo, meanwhile, reported that the autopsy of Kim Jong Nam has revealed evidence of poisoning by virulent poison. Presumably, the substance with which he was killed by the brother of the leader of North Korea, more toxic than potassium cyanide.

Information about the murder of Kim Jong-Nam appeared 14 Feb. It was noted that the man at the airport in Kuala Lumpur was attacked by two women. According to different versions, they pricked him with a poisoned needle, splashed with toxic liquid or held to the face with a swab soaked in an unknown substance.

Kim Jong Nam — the brother of current North Korean leader’s father (also Kim Jong-UN is half-brother Kim Jong-Chul). He left North Korea in 2001 and from that moment did not happen at home. Before the emigration was in the government a number of high positions.