American aircraft conducted reconnaissance near Leningrad region



Strategic reconnaissance aircraft, the U.S. air force RC-135W flew to the borders of Russia in the area of the Gulf of Finland. In addition, according to the website, tracking the movement of military aircraft to the Kaliningrad region flew reconnaissance plane of the Swedish air force Gulfstream 4.

Near Leningrad region made a reconnaissance flight of the American aircraft RC-135W. This was reported “Interfax” with reference to Western sites, tracking movement of military aviation.

The aircraft tail number and call sign 62-4138 ALKAI28 flew from the air base Mildenhall in the UK and for several hours conducted reconnaissance at the borders of the Leningrad region in the airspace of Estonia. Also, the scout came into the airspace over the Gulf of Finland.

Also a reconnaissance flight near the Russian borders made a Swedish reconnaissance plane Gulfstream 4. He was flying along the coast of the Kaliningrad region at the altitude of 12 thousand meters above international waters of the Baltic sea.