Amazon offered to drop the shipment of drones on parachutes

Amazon offered to drop the shipment of drones on parachutes

Depending on the trajectory of slope and wind, the UAV can give the container the command to release the parachute, the compressed air or the landing flaps.

Amazon has patented the technology of discharge of the goods from the drone with the help of parachutes. Briefly about the content of the patent tells CNN.

Upon delivery of goods by drones is usually considered the traditional scheme of the quadcopter lands on a specially marked spot, leaves the box, then flies up again. Such a scheme has several drawbacks: the drone during landing may damage the property or injure people and animals, attackers can steal the quadcopter, and drone spends more energy and time.

Described in the technology of planting when used in reality, obviously, would increase the cost of delivery — as a minimum, will be used for more equipment

It is also unclear what will happen to radio-controlled cargo containers, but for large production volumes Amazon may be advantageous to use them as disposable packaging.

This is not the first patent by Amazon, aimed at improving the efficiency of delivery of goods using drones. Previously, the company has patented air warehouses-airships, security drones from hackers and arrows, as well as charging stations for the drones to be installed on lampposts.

At the end of 2016, Amazon was the first to use small drones to deliver small purchases to UK customers within the program Amazon Prime Air.

The first delivery by drone took place on 7th December 2016 and took 13 minutes from the final order on the website of the online store before receipt of the goods by the customer — quadcopter brought set-top box Amazon Fire TV and a bag of popcorn.

Nikolai Vorontsov