A resident of Vladivostok hit a pedestrian on the purchased two days before this car

A resident of Vladivostok was hit by three pedestrians on the car, bought two days before, it said on Thursday, February 16, the press service of the interior Ministry of Russia for the Primorye territory.

The accident occurred February 16, on the street Ajax on island Russian. “The driver of the car Toyota Cami (RHD SUV model for the Japanese market — approx. “Of the tape.ru”), moving from the village Canal to the Aquarium, rode on forbidding signal of the traffic light and made arrival on pedestrians crossing the carriageway”, — told in police.

As a result, injured three pedestrians, two of them hospitalized with brain concussion, injuries of the lumbar spine and fractures.

According to the interior Ministry, 46-the summer inhabitant of Vladivostok held a driving licence since 2003, bought the car on February 14. At the same time to administrative responsibility for violation of traffic Rules she never was involved.

Initiated an administrative investigation, the results of which procedural decision will be made.