A map of Europe with phrases that enrage people from different countries

A map of Europe with phrases that enrage people from different countries

Reddit published its latest not-just-the map of Europe, showing the most irritating to citizens of different countries the statements of the foreigners.

On the map, told the tabloid The Daily Mail. For example, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia went “are You from the Baltics? So you are Russian, Yes?”, and Bulgaria — “still use the Russian alphabet?” (actually Bulgarians believe that this Russian use their alphabet — and this, incidentally, is closer to the truth).

Chekhov annoying phrase “You Eastern Europeans?”, and the poles — carelessly thrown about their state of “Polish death camps”.

Cruel, isn’t it? Wait, that’s not all.

The Frenchman can be brought into a rage, saying to him that “the American wine better,” the Spaniard is asking, not Hispanic if his countrymen and Portuguese critical publicly to be confused with the Brazilian.

The Austrians annoying ignorant questions like “But aren’t you German?”, and the Italians — “I love fuckin’ … with ketchup!”. The Turks don’t like being asked to translate “this sentence is from Arabic”, indicating the Turkish text, the Swiss are annoyed when their presence is praised Belgian chocolate.

Map reveals how to irritate different Europeans https://t.co/NtMsu1h2dG pic.twitter.com/qIogTsrqqM

— Kingsman Solicitors (@KingsmanLaw) 14 Feb 2017

Phrases were selected by the mapmaker, company graphic design Sigmagfx from 3600 reviews left by users of Reddit under the forum “How to piss off the citizen of every European country, using a sentence of five words or less?”.