Trump has declared California a state of emergency due to the destruction of the dam

Trump has declared California a state of emergency due to the destruction of the dam

In California from-for threats of destruction of the dam declared a state of emergency. This decision was made by the President of the United States Donald trump. Earlier, the press Secretary, the White house said that the head of the States is “closely following” the situation in Oroville.


US President, Donald trump declared California a state of emergency under which to coordinate the liquidation of consequences of the accident allowed the Federal emergency management Agency, reports TV station KTLA.

According to local TV channel CBS, along with this administration trump has decided to support restoring the coast damaged in Oroville dam, and also to help the victims.

Earlier in a briefing the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer said that trump “is closely monitoring the situation in Oroville”.

“The incident in Oroville is a textbook example of the infrastructure needs repair,” said the representative of the administration of the American leader, adding that “dams, bridges, roads and ports across the country has deteriorated”. “We will work together with the relevant state authorities, and you will see that we do everything possible to participate in it,” Spicer concluded.

Before 15 February, the local Sheriff Cory Honea said that evacuated from the danger zone California residents can return home. As said the Sheriff, an evacuation order was changed to a recommendation.

A warning means that people can return home, but should be ready for evacuation in case of neobhodimosti Honelsty Sheriff

During this period, according to him, the dam has been lowered a sufficient volume of water to relieve the pressure and prevent disaster.

Monday, February 13, due to a possible dam in California were ordered to evacuate 188 thousand people, who lived along the river down from the dam.