The Russian scout ship noticed near the Eastern coast of the United States

“Viktor Leonov”

In international waters off the U.S. East coast seen the intelligence ship of the Russian Navy, “Victor Leonov”. About that Fox News reported two unnamed U.S. official.

According to the TV channel, the ship was discovered 70 miles (about 112 kilometers) from the coast of the state of Delaware. According to the source Fox News, the military is not worried about that and just follow the “Viktor Leonov”. Command to suppress its means of tracking were reported.

This is the first appearance of the Russian warship close to us territorial waters since joining Donald trump in the position of President of the United States, notes the TV channel. The last time the “Viktor Leonov”, according to Fox News, was spotted off the coast of the United States in April 2015.

Reconnaissance ship of the project 864, which include the “Viktor Leonov”, are, in particular, intercept communication channels at all frequencies. In addition, their functions include electronic and telemetry intelligence, the control of sea communications, fixation movements of ships of the potential enemy, observation of missile launches.