The plane Harrison Ford nearly crashed into passenger jet

The plane Harrison Ford nearly crashed into passenger jet

MOSCOW, 15 Feb — RIA Novosti. The plane the famous Hollywood actor Harrison Ford nearly crashed into a passenger plane during landing in California, reports NBC.

The incident occurred on Monday. Air traffic controllers told Ford that he landed a plane on the runway of John Wayne in orange County, but the actor made the mistake of heading toward the taxiway.

His plane flew above the passenger plane of airline American Airlines, on Board of which at the time were 110 passengers and six crew members

According to the channel, a few minutes later, the airliner took off successfully.

“This liner was supposed to be beneath me?” asked Ford during a conversation with dispatchers, who then pointed out a mistake made by the actor during the landing. Representatives of the Federal office of civil aviation USA (FAA) said that the actor was given the right instructions. Comments from representatives of Ford have not yet received.

Currently, the FAA is investigating the incident, after which Ford may lose its license to perform operations.

This is not the first incident involving an aircraft under the control of Harrison Ford. In March 2015, the actor piloted a light aircraft collector’s Ryan PT-22 Recruit during the Second world war crashed on a Golf course near the airport in Santa Monica, California.

Shortly before the crash Ford reported engine failure. After the crash, the actor was hospitalized in serious condition with head injuries.