The Kremlin was about to enter the market with own trade mark by April

The office of the President of Russia is preparing to market its products under its own trade mark “the Kremlin quality” in early April. On Wednesday, February 15, reported the press-Secretary of Department Elena Krylova, the correspondent “”.

“The main idea of this project is in the constant selection on the basis of the “umbrella brand” products with high quality, which will be available not only to buyers in the Manager subordinate enterprises, but for ordinary consumers in distribution networks,” — said Krylov.

“The products will be presented in several product categories, including dairy products and groceries. And positioned in a price segment “average plus”” she said.

According to her, the project will solve problems of high social significance, in particular, to support domestic producers, including small and medium businesses. The brand “Kremlin quality” will form a pool of reliable suppliers and will contribute to their promotion on the market.

The key idea is to ensure the delivery of first-class products while maintaining affordable prices, said the spokesman.

Quality control will be based on independent accredited laboratory.

The office of the President organizes and provides direct logistical support, as well as social, medical, SANATORNO-resort service of activity of Federal public authorities.