The expert spoke about the “Russian ties” trump

Journalist and political scientist Todd wood in an interview with TV channel “Star” told about the fact that trump is forced to strike back, the American media such as CNN, which launched a propaganda against him.


“To be honest, their behavior is shocking. Trump really need to deal with them and also to clean up their garbage,” he said.


He also commented on the dismissal of Flynn, who, according to wood, was dismissed not because of the conversation with the Ambassador, but because he lied to the Vice-President, and trump could no longer trust him.


“The attitude of the administration in the intelligence agencies, state Department, and in many other organs – a lot of people who worked for Obama and trying to hurt Trump,” said wood.


According to the analyst, trump now a lot of pressure, particularly from the opposition party.


“They’re trying to use the Russian card against him, to destroy his administration. So everything he says now, is to pass through this prism,” said he.


Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump called nonsense statements about the “Russian ties” of his team.


According to the President of the United States, these statements attempt to hide the mistakes of the campaign of his rival in the election campaign – Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Photo: Ron Sachs / Globallookpress