The Deputy of the Leningrad region proposed to license the wizards


The Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Leningrad region Vladimir Petrov (“United Russia”) intends to submit for consideration colleagues the bill regulating the activities of witches and sorcerers. He told about it in interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda — St. Petersburg” on Monday, February 13.

“We are the so-called sorcerers, healers, psychics, but the opinion States in this regard are not formed. It’s even prostitution cannot be compared, because its about the state spoke clearly: who does it, is outside the legal field,” — said the MP.

In his opinion, people with superpowers have to license their activities and to be responsible for its quality. It is necessary to make appropriate amendments to the law on consumer protection, said Petrov.

He offers to compile a list of persons owning the “white” magic — that which does not harm human health. Who will determine its quality, however, the Deputy did not specify. “Must be initially licensed magicians and sorcerers, which should be included in councils, authorities, committees some,” said the MP.

Earlier Monday it was reported that the Federation Council will create a working group for the fight against sects. To oversee its work will be the Chairman of the Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Elena Mizulina.

In June, the state Duma Deputy Vitaly Milon proposed to ban the TV program the mystic and occult content. In his opinion, they provoke the audience to refuse medical treatment and contribute to the emergence of sectarian movements.