The couple from Texas made from a giant bison pet

The couple from Texas made from a giant bison pet

Couple from the U.S. state of Texas has allowed a huge Buffalo to live in their home. About it writes Daily Mail.

Ronnie and Sherron Bridges (Ronnie and Sherron Bridges) had to sell his herd of 52 Buffalo 13 years ago, when a man lost an eye and could no longer care for the animals. A couple left one of a bull named wild Thing (Wild Thing), making for him a separate room in the house. The animal now weighs more than 1,100 pounds.

According to the publication, the Buffalo became a member of the family. He was present at the wedding of Bridgecom, eating from their own bowls, which are put on the dining table, watching movies.

“He’s a real bull in a China shop. But I am surprised that he does not cause significant damage to your 180-pound head,” said 60-year-old Ronnie.

Animal called Wild Thing lives in the home of owners Ronnie and Sherron Bridges

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In may 2016, it became known that two foreign tourists were loaded cub bison from Yellowstone national Park in the USA in your SUV for fear that the animal may die from the cold. In the end, the travelers — a father and son were fined.