The Communist left politics right wanted

The Communist left politics right wanted

The investigative Committee has charged in absentia charged Denis Voronenkov.

As it became known “Kommersant”, the Investigative Committee of Russia made a decision about attraction as an accused former member of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption from the Communist Denis Boronenkov. Ex-MP in absentia charged with the organization of especially large fraud — raider attacks in 2011, the building in the center of Moscow worth $5 million Despite the testimony of other defendants in the investigation on Mr. Boronenkov, General Prosecutor’s office twice refused to submit to the state Duma representation of the head of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin on deprivation of Deputy immunity and bringing him to justice. Now hiding in Ukraine, the Communist wanted.

Stating that main investigation Department of the TFR in absentia brought accusation against Denis Boronenkov and initiated its announcement in Federal search, “Kommersant” it became known from sources in the Investigative Committee. The latter was able to intensify investigation against Mr Boronenkov only after he resigned. TFR unsuccessfully tried to involve the Deputy of the state Duma to the criminal liability under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code (fraud in especially large size the organised group).

The first time the head of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin has addressed with the petition to the Prosecutor General submitting to the Duma representation about deprivation of Denis Boronenkov immunity in April 2015. However, then acting attorney General, his first Deputy Alexander Buksman refused, citing the fact that the investigation is not performed all the necessary investigations. In particular, conducted a confrontation between the Lord of the Voronenkova and other defendants in the criminal case. Therefore, considered in the Supervisory Agency, wines of Denis Boronenkov not installed. A second attempt was made by Alexander Bastrykin in January 2016. This time refused to make a submission to the state Duma, the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, explaining that the investigation has not fulfilled the instructions of the state office of public Prosecutor for elimination of deficiencies identified in the criminal case. Among them it was said that “the prosecution Voronenkov is tentative and is built solely on the same evidence” the other three defendants in the investigation. All three signed a pre-trial agreement on cooperation with the Deputy Prosecutor General Victor Grin. From the comments in the Prosecutor’s office yesterday abstained.

Meanwhile, according to the source “Kommersant”, the investigation failed to hold only one confrontation between the Lord of the Voronenkova and lawyer Oleg Krylov, who participated in the implementation of the fraudulent scheme. The lawyer denounced the people’s choice, said the interlocutor of Kommersant. After the bet, according to “Kommersant”, Denis Voronenkov was sent to him to ignore the summons and did not answer phone calls from the TFR.

“And force him immune, to bring to the investigation Committee, no one could,” — said the source “b”

Criminal case, accused on which was Denis Voronenkov, was initiated in October 2011, when founder “Tom” and owner of the two-storey building on International street, 38 Otari Kobakhidze appealed to law enforcement bodies with the statement that the property was stolen, with the participation of Director General of the company Vladimir Marina.

During the investigation it was established that in the absence of Otari Kobakhidze Mrs. Vladimir suggested the Colonel of the Ministry of internal Affairs in resignation Vyacheslav Polozkov to restructure the ownership of the building and quickly sell it at a reasonable price. The officer in turn asked to participate in the transaction of his friends from the FSB Colonel Andrei Marsikova and Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Shishkova. Then this scheme was used by the Deputy Boronenkov, whose security officers have been asked to find a buyer for the building. His Denis Boronenkov found in the person of businessman Vitaly Kachur, who agreed to buy 1.5 million square meters of real estate for $2 million to the Owner, by the way, was valued at $5 million as an advance Mr. Kachur in April 2011 submitted to the Deputy Boronenkov $100 thousand Later, Vitaly Kachur submitted to the Deputy Boronenkov another $1.2 million for the final design of the building in the property. However, the entrepreneur Kobakhidze through the courts succeeded in getting the building involved in the case, testified about his involvement in the Scam, Mr Boronenkov, according to the sentences received mostly suspended sentences. And Mr. Kachur lost in the transaction a large sum of money, received more than four years and two months.

It should be noted that, in a timely manner failing to get permission for criminal prosecution of the Deputy Boronenkov for fraud, the TFR is not able to fully understand another suspicious history related to the Communist.

During searches at the Deputy and his business partners were found pistols Glock-19, and ammunition for them. The weapon turned out to be premium: Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan gave his “significant contribution to the development of material-technical base” of the interior Ministry of this country. It turned out that in 2011 the party “premium” weapons (100 barrels) were purchased by Kyrgyzstan in Austria, where it was immediately sent to Russia. And according to the testimony of former security officer of Marsikova, your “premium” Glock-19 with put ID on it he bought at the Deputy Boronenkov for $150 thousand

According to the investigation, through the Deputy thus owners of premium weapons would be at least two dozen people, including governors, famous athletes, pop singers, and so on. Evaluation of the validity of all these “awards” in the TFR, obviously, will have in the course of the investigation of the main case of the former Deputy. Latest results of the Federal investigation, apparently, soon in absentia arrested by court and declared internationally wanted by Interpol. However, the latter can refuse if they think the prosecution of the former Deputy in Russia is politically motivated.

Yury Senatorov