The brother of the leader of the DPRK killed Vietnamese spy, media reported

The brother of the leader of the DPRK killed Vietnamese spy, media reported

MOSCOW, 15 Feb — RIA Novosti. Two women flip flops which are supposedly secret agents were behind the murder of the brother of the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-Nam in the capital of Malaysia, reported the representative of the Malaysian law enforcement agencies to the British newspaper Telegraph.

“We have already reviewed the tape of the camcorder. As a result, we managed to detain the taxi driver who picked up two women committed the murder,” said a senior police spokesman.

Based on the testimony of taxi driver and the security cameras the police believed that women were the flip-flops, he said. A police spokesman also noted that women are considered to be secret agents, but he refused to speculate about what they could be hired by the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, the brother of the murdered, the newspaper writes.

The police is engaged in search of suspects who may still be in Malaysia. According to the police, the DPRK authorities sent a senior diplomat to Malaysia and asked not to conduct the autopsy of Kim Jong-Nam. Their claim was rejected.

Monday, February 13, at the airport in Malaysia was an attempt on Kim Jong-Nam is the eldest brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. The attempt was made before his departure to Macau, where members of his family. According to different versions, Kim Jong-Nam could have been hurt, poisoned needles, splash him with a toxic liquid or to hold a face soaked in some kind of substance swab.

Investigators believe that the attack on the brother of North Korean leader was committed by two women who then fled the scene in a taxi. South Korean intelligence believes that the alleged criminals have not left the territory of Malaysia. Japanese experts, in turn, stated received information that the suspects in the assassination could be dead already. The United States believe that Kim Jong-Nam, was killed by agents of the North Korean intelligence services.