The acting Governor of the Novgorod region called priorities in the region


RIA Novosti

Appointed acting Governor of the Novgorod region Andrei Nikitin, who previously headed the Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI), among the priorities called removing barriers for entrepreneurs in the region and attraction of investors.

At the meeting with Nikitin, Russian President Vladimir Putin asked him what areas he finds most important and promising. “We have a lot of iconic places in the country, but Novgorod oblast occupies a special place, keeping in mind that this is one of those places where went the Russian land, as we say. If you look at the future development, how do You see the future?” — said Putin, noting the importance of the Novgorod region in the history of Russia and the economy. Putin also added that before his appointment he had consulted with retired prematurely by the head of the region.

“Of course, the merchants of Novgorod, Russia was a few hundred years known on the world market thanks to the Novgorod merchants. And in addition to attracting investors, I believe that it is very important to the maximum extent and remove all limitations, all barriers for those entrepreneurs who are already working in the Novgorod region, to give them the opportunity to build small, medium, and there can be big business. I think that’s the first things from the point of view of the economy, need to do,” — said Nikitin.

He added that “from the point of view of citizens, from the point of view of social life, people need first of all to listen.”

“If you use the experience that we at ASI have seen in the region, need to rely on the opinion of the residents, doing landscaping, doing things associated with improved quality (of life), that is based on the opinion of the citizens”, — he added.

According to Nikitin, the Novgorod region is very interesting from a historical point of view and logistics.

“In fact, it is a corridor between the two capitals. Perhaps those priorities, which could be (in the region), – first, the tourism industry; second, industry-related processing, which works on this our main cluster population, which is located between Moscow and St. Petersburg. It may be Russian, foreign investors”, — he concluded.