South Korean intelligence reported that Kim Jong-Nam asked his brother to spare him and family members

South Korean intelligence reported that Kim Jong-Nam asked his brother to spare him and family members

The elder half-brother of North Korean leader urged Kim Jong-UN, that neither he nor his children did not aspire to power in the DPRK, and just want a quiet life outside the Republic.

SEOUL, February 15. /Offset. TASS Stanislav Varivoda/. Kim Jong-Nam in 2012, sent his younger brother, North Korean leader Kim Jong Ynu a letter in which asked to save the life of him and his family. This was announced by the Director of the National intelligence service (LDCs) of the Republic of Korea Lee Byung-Ho at a briefing for members of Parliament.

“Kim Jong-Nam was assured came to power in North Korea brother, that neither he nor his children would not aspire to power and just want a quiet life outside of the DPRK,” his words to reporters following the meeting, one of its members.

He also said that the ex-wife of Kim Jong-Nam is currently living in Beijing with his son and second wife with two children is located in Macau.

All of them are provided protection from Chinese authorities. The Director of intelligence said that Kim Jong-Nam has never appealed to South Korea to grant him asylum, and ignored similar advice from friends.

Lee Byung-Ho also confirmed that the elder brother of North Korean leader was poisoned, but all the circumstances of the accident are not yet known. He noted that the LDCs had learned of the incident in Malaysia after four hours after it occurred.

Intelligence believes that the security services of the DPRK led the hunt for Kim Jong-Nam over the past five years, when his brother Kim Jong-UN came to power, however, it was unable to installed the Chinese authorities security. Convenient for the murderers of the case presented in Malaysia airport

Law enforcement agencies of Malaysia on Tuesday confirmed that a citizen of the DPRK, died in the capital airport, was Kim Jong Nam. “He was in the second terminal, waiting for departure to Macau, which was scheduled for 10:00 local time (05:00 GMT). This man appealed for help from the ground personnel with complaints of dizziness, he also said that unknown assailants sprayed him in the face with the liquid, then fled”, — said the assistant head of the police of the state of Selangor Fadzil Ahmad.

Kim Jong-Nam is the eldest son of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, born of an extramarital affair with a famous North Korean actress song Hye-rim. He at one time was considered the most likely successor to his father at the head of North Korea, however, fell into disgrace after trying to enter Japan on a fake passport in may 2001 and since then lived abroad, particularly in the Chinese enclave of Macau.