Sands jokingly advised me to give up reading American Newspapers

Dmitry Peskov

Official Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the publication in CNN and The New York Times, urged with caution to news stories and references to unnamed sources. His words on Wednesday, February 15, the correspondent of “”.

“There are links to five different sources and none of them called. That is just going ridiculous links to” Peskov said, and recommended “not to believe newspaper reports, because it is very difficult now real from fakes, “ducks” to distinguish”.

He also paraphrased the statement of Professor Preobrazhensky from the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov “the Dog heart” “And — God forbid — never read before lunch Soviet Newspapers.” “Do not read the morning papers,” ― said Peskov.

Responding to a question about contacts between representatives of Russia and the U.S., Peskov stressed that there is a “normal working the communication is”. “Representatives of the American Embassy here, they communicate with Russian officials, they go to the foreign Ministry,” ― said Peskov, adding that U.S. diplomats have been traveling the country, talking with representatives of the regions.

“It’s all the usual diplomatic practice,” he said, noting that there is nothing unprecedented in this.

Thus he responded to a request of journalists to comment on reports by CNN and The New York Times that the members of the campaign staff of US President Donald trump has repeatedly spoken on the phone with representatives of the Russian intelligence.