Reuters named the new assistant at the trump national security

Robert Harvard Vice-Admiral Robert Harvard can become the new assistant to the President for national security. About it reports Reuters referring to own sources. According to unnamed officials, it’s unclear if the Admiral’s offer. Harvard held the posts of Deputy commander of the Joint special operations command, U.S. and inter-service command of the U.S. Armed forces, Deputy commander of Central command. On 13 February, the President of the United States Donald trump has adopted a statement of Michael Flynn’s resignation from the post of national security adviser. In the document he pointed out that not fully informed Vice-President Mike Pence and other members of the White house about his conversations with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak. Acting judge appointed a retired General Keith Kellogg.

Trump made the rejection of creating a Palestinian state

Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald trump For the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict does not necessarily the establishment of two States. As reported RIA Novosti, said on Wednesday, February 15, the President of the United States Donald trump during a press conference with the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. “I see two States and one state, and I like what I like for both parties”, — said the head of the White house. He noted that for a long time pursued the idea of creating two States but agree with the decision, “which suited both parties”. Speaking about the construction of Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories, trump has offered Netanyahu “a little refrain” from it. He also urged the Israeli side to show more flexibility in negotiations with the Palestinians, recognizing that “make it hard”. In addition, the President noted that “very strongly” hoped to transfer the American Embassy

Former fighters of the APU, blocking the delivery of coal from the DNR, ready to start the siege all over Ukraine

Former participants of the ATO, blocking exports of coal from the Donbass to Ukraine, intend to extend the blockade to other areas.   “We can selectively monitor the compositions that are on occupied territory or on the territory of the country. I have over the last three weeks became a great expert on railway transport”, — quotes inforesist the words of one of the organizers of the commercial blockade in the Donbass Anatoly Vinogrodsky.   According to him, the introduction of state of emergency and rolling blackouts in Ukraine is the attempt of the authorities to set the civil population against the blockade of Donbass.   “Now they are trying to set up the blockade against the civilian population. They don’t think we can block not only the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, but also in other areas,” — said the coordinator of the blockade.   He also added that this

In Krasnodar from-for a fire regime introduced emergency – evacuated 400 people

Due to a major fire in a six-story residential building in Krasnodar the decision on introduction of local state of emergency. From a burning house evacuated 400 people.   As reported by RIA Novosti press-Secretary of mayor of the city, you will enter a local state of emergency. The mayor of Krasnodar Evgeny Pervyshev is now on the scene.   Earlier it was reported that the fire from the burning building spread to the neighboring house.

The expert spoke about the “Russian ties” trump

Journalist and political scientist Todd wood in an interview with TV channel “Star” told about the fact that trump is forced to strike back, the American media such as CNN, which launched a propaganda against him.   “To be honest, their behavior is shocking. Trump really need to deal with them and also to clean up their garbage,” he said.   He also commented on the dismissal of Flynn, who, according to wood, was dismissed not because of the conversation with the Ambassador, but because he lied to the Vice-President, and trump could no longer trust him.   “The attitude of the administration in the intelligence agencies, state Department, and in many other organs – a lot of people who worked for Obama and trying to hurt Trump,” said wood.   According to the analyst, trump now a lot of pressure, particularly from the opposition party.   “They’re trying to

In the Altai found the seat of the crashed helicopter Robinson

On Altai Teletskoye lake have found a piece of a crashed helicopter Robinson R66. About this “Russian newspaper” told the head of the Siberian aviation search and rescue center Anatoly Lukyanenko. “Near the coast, about 25 kilometers from the cordon of Cocchi was discovered the pilot’s seat, the fragments of the aircraft, covers and files. Currently, they took our Robinson helicopter and transported to the air base in Karasuk” he said. The search for the helicopter resumed on February 15 after the onset of light time. “This morning the search space has sent a group of rescuers, the divers, they survey the coastline in the area of the cordon of Kocsi”, — told the National news service (NSN), the press Secretary of EMERCOM in the Republic of Altai Svetlana ljashko. 13 February in the lake was found a piece of the helicopter and the body of one of the dead

The Kirov pensioner torched his common-law wife for refusing to give money for liquor

Resident Zuevskiy district of Kirov region became a defendant in a criminal case after burned his mistress due to the fact that 67-year-old woman to refuse to give him money for alcohol. On Wednesday, February 15, reported on the website of the Investigative Department (SD) of the TFR in the region. According to investigators, February 10 65-year-old man was drinking with his mistress alcohol. Later, he asked her for money to buy more alcohol, but were refused. Among pensioners there was a quarrel during which the man doused lying on the bed mistress with gasoline and threw a smoldering cigarette butt. The woman suffered burns on 90 percent of his body. She was admitted to hospital on 13 February and died in hospital. Investigators opened a criminal case against a resident of Zuevskaya district on signs of the crime provided by part 4 article 111 of the criminal code (“Deliberate

Svanidze suggested to bury Lenin on the centennial of the October

Nikolai Svanidze Historian Nikolai Svanidze called the century of the October revolution of 1917, a good reason to bury the leader of the revolution of Vladimir Lenin. This opinion he expressed on Wednesday, February 15, in an interview with the National news service (NSN). “For the reburial of Lenin anything can be a reason. I would even say that for this reason is not necessary. The only reason to bury the man, is his death,” says the historian. According to him, the mausoleum on red square has long since lost its value, but Lenin’s body is kept there for fear that some people might be offended at his disposal. “Although, in principle, it has long been no interest. Them [of the population] interesting [Joseph] Stalin. And Lenin was only interested functionaries of the Communist party of the Russian Federation”, — said Svanidze. In April 2016 polls conducted among Russians poll

Source: one person died in a fire in a residential building in Krasnodar

Source: one person died in a fire in a residential building in Krasnodar MOSCOW, February 15. /TASS/. One person died in a fire in a residential building in Krasnodar. The fire area is 1500 square meters, reported TASS a source in the emergency services. “According to preliminary data, one person died. The building was 480 inhabitants, including 90 children,” — said the Agency interlocutor. Other data on victims yet.

Fire from a burning high-rise building in Krasnodar spread to the neighboring house

Fire from a burning high-rise building in Krasnodar spread to the neighboring house KRASNODAR, February 15 — RIA Novosti, Svetlana Berilo. According to preliminary information, the fire burning in the Krasnodar high-rise building spread to the neighboring house, told RIA Novosti the representative of EMERCOM. Earlier it was reported about the fire in high-rise residential building located on the street Prokofiev in the Krasnodar area of about one and a half thousand square meters. According to preliminary information, the fire killed or injured there. Residents evacuated the burning house. “According to preliminary information, the fire from burning high-rises spread to the neighboring house”, — said the representative of EMERCOM in the region.