The Russian scout ship noticed near the Eastern coast of the United States

“Viktor Leonov” In international waters off the U.S. East coast seen the intelligence ship of the Russian Navy, “Victor Leonov”. About that Fox News reported two unnamed U.S. official. According to the TV channel, the ship was discovered 70 miles (about 112 kilometers) from the coast of the state of Delaware. According to the source Fox News, the military is not worried about that and just follow the “Viktor Leonov”. Command to suppress its means of tracking were reported. This is the first appearance of the Russian warship close to us territorial waters since joining Donald trump in the position of President of the United States, notes the TV channel. The last time the “Viktor Leonov”, according to Fox News, was spotted off the coast of the United States in April 2015. Reconnaissance ship of the project 864, which include the “Viktor Leonov”, are, in particular, intercept communication channels at

The white house announced the hope trump for the return of the Crimea

Donald Tramploline: the Deputy explained the White house statement on the Crimea pressure on trump The President of the United States Donald trump is waiting for Russia’s active participation in de-escalation of the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine and return Crimea. As transfers on Tuesday, February 14, RIA Novosti, this was stated press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer. “President trump has made it clear that he expects the Russian government will deal with the de-escalation of violence in Ukraine and return the Crimea”, — quotes news Agency the statement of Spicer on the briefing. He also said that trump wants “to be able to get along with Russia, unlike the previous administration,” to solve many problems such as the fight against “Islamic state” (ISIS, an organization banned in Russia). Earlier during the presidential election campaign trump has declared its readiness in the event of his victory to

The US administration explained the reasons for the resignation of Flynn

Michael Flynn The resignation of the adviser to the President for national security Michael Flynn due to the lack of credibility on the part of the President. About it as transfers “Interfax”, said at a briefing in Washington, White house spokesman Sean Spicer. “We have reached the point where the problem occurred. It is not legal, but for lack of confidence. The trust between the President and General Flynn has fallen so much that we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to change something”, — he stressed. While Spicer, commenting on Flynn’s contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak, said that the very fact of holding such talks are quite normal, and claims of the President of Donald trump lies in the fact that the Advisor could not accurately convey the contents of conversations the Vice President Mike Pence. Flynn has not done anything that could be considered a

Two people were killed in a frontal collision of foreign cars in Moscow

In Moscow in the result of a frontal collision of two cars killed two people. It is reported Agency city news “Moscow” with reference to regional management of the Ministry of interior.   The tragedy occurred in the 137th kilometer of the Minsk highway, near the village of Uvarovka in the Mozhaisk district. One of the cars went into the oncoming lane, where at full speed collided with another car. Killing the drivers of both machines.   At the scene police work. They establish all the circumstances of the tragedy. Photo: the accident and emergency Moscow / VK

The enraged moose chased snowboarders: video

The Network is gaining popularity video with wild elk, started chasing snowboarders.   As the Daily Telegraph reports, this case occurred in the USA in the ski resort of Jackson hole in Wyoming. One of the snowboarders decided to videotape the descent of his friend on the mountainside. Suddenly a thrill ran wild moose suddenly appeared on the slope.   The enraged beast for a long time trying to catch up with snowboarders, but fortunately, the athletes were faster than cloven-hoofed. Video: RM Videos / YouTube

The defense Ministry commented on the U.S. prosecution of convergence fighter destroyer

No incidents related to the flight of Russian military aircraft in the Black sea near the USS Porter, was not. This was stated in the defense Ministry.   The Russian defense Ministry said that all flights by Russian aircraft have been and are made over neutral waters of the Black sea in accordance with international rules.   Earlier, the Pentagon announced several “incidents” on February 10 with Russian bombersallegedly flying near a US destroyer.   The American military claim that the planes videoconferencing allegedly flew off the transponders and did not respond to the queries of the vessel. Photo:

The Russians chose the Putin era the Brezhnev era

Vladimir Putin A third of respondents called the presidency of Vladimir Putin the best for the life of the Russian form of government. These data are presented in a new study published on a site “Levada-center” on Tuesday,February 14. Answering the question of which form of government life in Russia was better, 32 percent of respondents selected the box “now, during the reign of Putin.” The reign of General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev chose 29 percent of respondents. The era of General Secretary Joseph Stalin, as a polity before the revolution, idealized, only six percent of the respondents. Life in the perestroika era like two percent of Russians, and the reign of President Boris Yeltsin praised only one percent of the respondents. With one in four (24 percent) found it difficult to answer the question. When evaluating the significance of the February revolution of 1917, almost half of respondents (45 percent)

In the liberal democratic party proposed to punish the propaganda of exclusivity

Sergei Ivanov State Duma Deputy from the LDPR Sergey Ivanov proposed to introduce criminal penalties for the promotion of the uniqueness of humanity. The bill he introduced in the lower house of Parliament on Tuesday, February 14. The document was registered in the parliamentary basis of legislation. “The use of article 282 of the criminal code”inciting hatred or hostility, and humiliation of human dignity”] raises a number of complaints and disputes as representatives of the media and in the legal community. Vague wording, on the one hand, the difficulty of proving direct intent in incitement to hatred, on the other, make this provision ineffective,” — said in the explanatory note (original spelling preserved). The MP in this regard proposes to amend the relevant article, in particular, to Supplement the description of the first paragraph as a qualifying attribute: causing “substantial harm to rights and legitimate interests of citizens or organizations”.

Four-year-old girl died in a fire in Moscow

In Moscow as a result of fire killed four-year-old girl. On Tuesday, February 14, reported on the website of the capital’s Central Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. The fire occurred in one of apartments houses on the Dmitrov highway. According to investigators, the child’s body was found inside after extinguishing. The girl’s mother left home and left her alone. The woman was taken to the investigating authorities. On the incident criminal case under articles of the criminal code -125 (“Leaving in danger”) and 109 (“Causing death on imprudence”). On the night of 31 January, a fire in one of the houses in the village Ust-Ordynsky of Irkutsk region killed four people — two adults and two children. Random witnesses were able to rescue 16-year-old girl and seven-month-old girl. 21 December 2016 the victims of the fire in a residential building in the village Dubki Saratov region