Moscow jewelry salon stole the diamond for 500 thousand rubles

In Moscow detained a visitor who stole from jewelry stores diamond worth more than 500 thousand rubles. On Wednesday, February 15, reports TV channel “360” with reference to GU MVD in the capital.

According to the saleswoman, the unknown man came into a jewelry store and asked to show him the gem 1.09 CT. When an employee of the salon, pulled out a diamond, the robber snatched it from her hands and disappeared.

The seller contacted the police. The alleged robber was apprehended in hot pursuit. A criminal case under article “Robbery”.

As reported online edition in December in the capital were arrested as suspects in the theft of jewelry salon jewelry for a total sum about one million roubles. They lured the clerk out of the store, asking her to bring a previously made order in the next building, and entered the room, picking up the keys to the door.