Mizulina instructed the fight against sects

The Federation Council will create a working group for the fight against sects, said the Chairman of the Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Andrey Klishas. On Monday, February 13, the Agency reports city news “Moscow”.

“We are invited to establish a working group to combat sects and Elena Borisovna (Mizulina — approx. “Ribbon.ru”) to entrust this question to this working group session. Then tell me that in this field we can make this work”, — said Klishas at the meeting of the upper house of Parliament.

He stressed that the working group created by order of the speaker of the upper chamber of the Parliament Valentina Matvienko. It is Mizulina, who is Deputy Chairman of the Committee on constitutional legislation, includes members of the committees on defense, security and social policy.

November 17, Mizulina said that the Russian senators can draft a bill against destructive activities of sectarian organizations. Then she proposed to create a working group.

The Senator stressed that in Russia, in addition, according to the estimates, 500 sects, “there are a lot of different NLP practitioner course, organizations that are engaged in the development of leadership qualities.”