Media reported about the assassination of Kim Jong-Nam 5 years ago

Kim Jong-Nam attempt was already made, and it was done at the direction of the North Korean leadership, however, the elder brother of current leader Kim Jong-UN was still alive. On Wednesday, February 15, reports TASS with reference to the news Agency Kyodo.

“Previous assassination attempt was made about five years ago,” he told Kyodo source in the South Korean intelligence.

This is the Agency leads received in Japanese diplomatic circles information according to which women agents of the North Korean intelligence suspected the last, successful attempt to deprive Kim Jong-Nam’s life may already be dead. This information is now checked.

On 14 February at the airport of capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, the man died. Before that, he, complaining of severe dizziness, appealed for help from the ground personnel and told that the unknown splashed him in the face with liquid and disappeared. Soon, the Malaysian authorities confirmed that he died Kim Jong-Nam.

Later, Reuters, citing a source in the US government reported that, according to Washington, for the murder of half-brother of North Korean leader are special services of the DPRK. According to the South Korean Agency Yonhap, Kim Jong Nam, was attacked at the airport two unknown women, armed “poisoned needles”.

Kim Jong-Nam (according to Wikipedia, was born may 10, 1971) — the illegitimate son of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, the actress song Hye-rim. It was not considered a future head of state, however, some time held high positions in the government. In 2001 he was caught trying to visit Japan on a false Dominican passport, which led to the aggravation of international relations, and later to the conflict with his father. After this he went abroad, and at home did not come back.