Media: Obama supporters waged a secret campaign to discredit Flynn

Media: Obama supporters waged a secret campaign to discredit Flynn

MOSCOW, 15 Feb — RIA Novosti. Members of the administration of former U.S. President Barack Obama for many months conducted a secret campaign to discredit ex-Advisor to the new American leader Donald trump on national security Michael Flynn, who resigned because of the scandal in the administration around conversations with the Russian Ambassador, writes Washington Free Beacon, citing numerous sources.

According to the publication, the staff of the Obama administration wanted thereby to interfere with the national security system of the new U.S. President Donald trump and save the nuclear deal with Iran.

According to sources, Obama supporters, including the Deputy of a former assistant to President for national security Ben Rhodes, gave the media material, which was aimed at undermining the credibility of Flynn, who opposed the nuclear deal with Iran. Participants in the operation had intended to resist the efforts of the administration to trump to reveal secret details of the agreement on the Iranian atom, which have long disappeared by the administration of the former President.

Familiar with the situation sources said that supporters of Obama a few months before the inauguration of the trump was engaged in planning the creation of impediments to the team’s new President of the United States national security.

“It cannot be denied that a campaign to discredit Flynn was in full swing before inauguration day, it included the uniquely disturbing and politicized leaks (in the media — ed.), undermine (his reputation — ed.). This example reminds me of the deal with Iran, and probably there is involved the same characters,” said an unnamed former national security adviser, have close contact with the team at the White house.

They knew that goal number one is Iran… and they all knew that their little cherished agreement with Iran will bypass the rules… So they got rid of Flynn before any (secret) agreement has emerged on poverkhnostnaya a source close to Flynn and the White house

The sources added that the retired adviser to the President on national security was preparing to publish many of the details of the nuclear deal that was intentionally hidden by the Obama administration to garner support for the transaction. Flynn gone “before anyone could see what happened,” these secret agreements, said a source.

The publication notes that the campaign against Flynn, can spread to other important figures in the administration trump.

On Monday night, Flynn left his post and acknowledged that gave the White house inaccurate information about contacts with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak. Earlier media reported that Flynn in December 2016 discussed Kislyak sanctions against Russia, and presented it as something very suspicious. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that Flynn was talking to Kislyak, but their conversation is not correct.