Karelian Vikings: why Governor Khudilainen not finalized until the end of the first period

Alexander Khudilainen

© Maxim Grigoriev/TASS

Alexander Khudilainen has resigned not enough to end even the first gubernatorial term. Its powers expire on 24 may 2017. Experts attribute this to the fact that during the leadership of Karelia he has failed to become an insider in the region. In the Republic periodically there were political scandals, happened a great tragedy — the death of children on the Syamozero, and Judilynn received a personal reprimand from Vladimir Putin for the failure of the program of resettlement of citizens from emergency housing.

Despite the “full economic collapse”, which, according to Hudilainen, was in the region in 2012, he was for a short period of time managed to attract big investors, to prevent the closure of some important for the Republic of Karelia enterprises and to achieve the adoption of the Federal target program of development of the region.

Didn’t the elites and the mayor

Alexander Khudilainen, before who headed the Gatchina district of the Leningrad region and the Legislative Assembly of the region, was appointed head of the Republic of Karelia in may 2012. He succeeded as a native of Leningrad region Andrey Nelidov.