In California evacuated because of the threat of flooding residents were allowed to return

In California, the local authorities have allowed people evacuated from the area of lake Oroville due to the threat of a dam break, to return home. This is stated on the page County Sheriff’s office Butte in Facebook.

It is noted that people can return to their daily lives, but at the same time must remain abreast of developments and be prepared to make the necessary action if a threat will increase.

Problems with the dam, started because of heavy rains. On 11 February, the water began to overflow through the emergency first, and then the main spillway. Then it was recorded the destruction of the latter due to erosion. The authorities, fearing that the dam can completely collapse and cause severe flooding, announced the evacuation of about 200 thousand people.

California Governor Jerry brown sent the White house a letter asking for assistance in an emergency situation.