In Buryatia mother killed a little girl with TV remote and went to the homeless

In Buryatia police arrested 23-year-old resident of the village of Upper Taltsy, the suspect in the murder of his daughter, whose body was found on the banks of the river. This was reported on the website SU IC of the Republic.


As told investigators the suspect , February 8, she drank alcohol in a relative’s roommate. At night, the woman together with her baby daughter returned home. Mother tried to put the girl to sleep, but she cried. Losing patience, the woman angrily started to beat the child first severe a circuit Board from a disassembled tape recorder and then the TV remote control. From the received traumas the girl has died. Drunk mother lay down and fell asleep. The next morning she found that her daughter was not breathing. Then the woman took the girl’s body on the outskirts of the village, and then went to Ulan-Ude, where he met with homeless for several days wandered about the city, and then settled in a shelter.


14 Feb returned home her boyfriend. Not finding the family, he went to the police. Police found the child’s body on the river Bank near the village. After interviewing witnesses, investigators calculated the location of the suspect. Soon she was detained.

Photo: Mercury Press / Globallookpress