Guns N’ Roses forgot what city they are

Guns N’ Roses forgot what city they are

Californian hard rock band Guns N’ Roses concert in Melbourne mixed former capital of Australia with the country’s largest city — Sydney.

The musicians were late for an hour, and at the outset the technician group Mcbob apologized for the delay and welcomed the stadium, exclaimed, “Sydney!” Fans of Guns N’ Roses is not pleased by this greeting and began to rebel.

Goodnight Melton! There will be no encore!

— BRIGGS AKA BIG SIGH (@BriggsGE) 14 Feb 2017

After the concert, the group apologized for the mistake of Makoba and thanked the fans.

“Melbourne! After 30 years [of operation] Macrob accidentally made a mistake, we are sorry. Thank you for coming!”.