Flynn told about the conversation with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation

The former assistant to the President for homeland security Michael Flynn told the details of the conversation with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak. Interview with an American politician was published by the Daily Caller, reports RIA Novosti.


Flynn said that in conversation never raised the topic of sanctions. Kislyak he briefly discussed the situation with the 35 expulsion of Russian diplomats from the United States.


“It’s not about sanctions. It was about 35 people sent. And that’s how it turned out. In General, the conversation went like this: “Look, I know what happened. We all learn”. I never said that we are going to review the sanctions or something like that,” said Flynn.


He also noted that the leak of his conversation with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation, which was supposedly overheard by intelligence agencies is a crime.


Earlier it was reported that an adviser to the us President for national security Michael Flynn discussed the sanctions with the Russian Ambassador a few weeks before the inauguration of US President Donald trump. After this became known, Flynn left his post as assistant to the President of the United States.

Photo: Mark Reinstein / Globallookpress