Endangered species: what profession are fading

Endangered species: what profession are fading

What to do to suddenly find herself the bearer of a bygone craft, and how to remain relevant in their field.

The rapid development of new technologies leads not only to the emergence of many new professions, often in very exotic (as, for example, a molecular nutritionist or a designer of “smart home”), but also to the gradual elimination of existing specialties.

And along with obsolete professions, such as stenographers, Elevator operators or cleaners shoes in the past and leave those that appeared only a few decades ago.

What’s going on with professions and what to do to suddenly find herself the bearer of a bygone craft, to understand “news”.

The power of machines

In 2015 the School of management SKOLKOVO launched its own “Atlas of new professions” — a detailed guide to professions, which by 2030 should finally be out of date, and the fact that by this time, by contrast, will be the most popular (the latter, however, the reference is almost three times more — 57 186 against “dying”).

Among professions requiring a complicated preparation, so-called intellectual, is under attack in the first place was all related to the ordering of the data: such employees computers can replace everything.

In the past, may soon leave including estimators, rasshifrovki, translators, expert in documents and archivists, journalists, analysts, and operators of public services.

Threatens “invasion of the machines” and much more complex professions in the list are already leaving the profession of doctor-diagnostician, Manager, as well as the usual travel agents and realtors, which is eroding with the advent of Internet services that allow people to directly contact the hotels, buy tickets, and the sellers and buyers to communicate with each other. This list largely coincides with the list presented in 2012 by CNN and the Huffington Post.

In addition, already in the risk zone are traditionally economists, managers and accountants.

To the outgoing professions in the fall of this year, a representative of the Ministry of Finance Tatyana Nesterenko classified as accountants, and this, in particular, wrote of the Agency urban news “Moscow” and the Moscow employment service at the end of summer she was named one of the most popular in the capital of the unemployed — along with the professions of economists, drivers and managers, reported portal M24 with reference to the press service of Rostrud.

Vanishing romance

Endangered and proved to be a more romantic profession — the development of navigators, researchers predict that within the next 10-15 years can negate the profession of a Navigator, the new program will replace the test pilot, and improved capabilities of computer graphics will make it unnecessary to stuntmen and doubles.

New old profession

Not all professions immediately become victims of the development of new technologies — some die off, after the market specialists over generalists. In some cases it happens almost immediately after gaining profession official status and inclusion in University programs.

Thus, the representative of the company “Yandex” at the conference “management of the future” in St. Petersburg in April last year, cited the example of the profession of the webmaster: it has been in Vogue only a few decades ago, but, appearing in programs of higher education institutions, almost immediately disappeared from the real labour market.

The same occupations can be attributed to copywriters, especially those who are engaged in filling of sites: salaries of these once fashionable specialists are falling, and their responsibilities, according to some experts, soon it will be easier to train secretaries.

Sharks under threat

A similar fate within the next couple of decades to wait and members of the media — this is indicated as the drafters of the “Atlas of new professions”, and the majority of other researchers: for example, the U.S. Department of labor predicted the extinction of the profession in 2007.

First of all it will affect “classic” reporters, editors, and literary editors, proofreaders.

If the latter will replace text editors, reporters threatened social network: the news is spreading with the help of ordinary users, and the usual scheme of work of mass-media constructed on the hunt for sensations, will soon begin to die. And with it, according to the researchers, and no longer need journalists in the “old school”.

The journalist of the future, to avoid unemployment, must be able to perform a variety of tasks — including himself to record a radio programme to make a film or write a good book, said to RBC the President of the Association of Internet publishers Ivan Zasursky, commenting on the situation on the market of creative professions.

Museums and mines will give robots

Judging by “Atlas of new professions”, it is possible to detect the whole industry, in which robots will eventually take over.

This, in particular, refers to the museums in the list of endangered professions got at the same time guides, ushers, and caretakers of the Museum halls.

Or the mine workers: it is assumed that machines will soon replace the jobs of miners, miners and drillers. This, however, will not only save on production, but also to avoid casualties in case of emergency.

Inspector DPS as endangered

Although, according to the Moscow employment service, representatives of working professions are traditionally in high demand among employers, many of them were also classified as endangered. Among employees of medium and low-skilled “aging” threatens the janitors, postmen, security guards, janitors, concrete workers, foremen and even operators of freight trains.

Among those whose profession may soon disappear, the experts also called seamstresses, however, believe that people will completely abandon the clothes of individual tailoring is difficult. In the end, this profession is going through is not the first technological revolution.

In addition, the disappearance of faces, and inspectors of traffic police — it is assumed that on the road they should be completely replaced with a modern camera and monitoring system.

The advantages of the human factor

However, do not panic — experts continue to believe that machines cannot fully replace people. Will continue to be in demand, in particular, those employees who are flexible of thought (its cars will have to achieve for a long time), know how to navigate through large volumes of information and willing to learn new skills throughout life. So, for example, people with entrepreneurial mindset, capable of generating new ideas are likely to become more and more popular, just as will remain the demand for high-quality designer journalism.

Finally, the flip side of the invasion of the machines may become a growing need in an individual approach and human communication — that is why standardized canteens will not be able to compete, for example, family restaurants, and most professional audio guides — love his work guides.

It is therefore possible that the more routine functions will be transferred to the robots, the more people will start to appreciate the products of small enterprises and made things with their hands. However, to expect that the demand will be massive, still not worth it.