Yonhap reported on the murder of the eldest brother, Kim Jong-UN

Kim Jong Us

Brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN killed in Malaysia. This is with reference to sources in the government on Tuesday, February 14, according to South Korean news Agency “Yonhap”.

According to the Agency, Kim Jong Us, was attacked at the airport two unknown women, armed “poisoned needles”. The local police believes that the murder has been backed by the DPRK authorities.

Reuters reports that the Malaysian police have not yet confirmed the death of Kim Jong-Nam. She reported only that a citizen of North Korea was taken by ambulance from the airport and died on the way to the hospital, but his identity has not been established.

In 2015, another brother, Kim Jong-UN, Kim Jong-Chul, was spotted in London at a concert of musician Eric Clapton and after the event disappeared. Police the British capital said that it did not intend to find him, as on the missing men were never reported.

Kim Jong Nam (according to Wikipedia, was born may 10, 1971) — the illegitimate son of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, the actress song Hye-rim. It was not considered a future head of state, however, some time held high positions in the government. In 2001 he was caught trying to visit Japan on a false Dominican passport, leading to an aggravation of international relations and subsequently, to the conflict with his father. After this he went abroad and did not visit home.