Ukraine is torn: like APU, the Majlis and the Nazis shred Square

“Some will come – Rob, others will come – Rob”. So, to paraphrase from a famous movie about the events in Ukraine during the civil war of the 1920-ies, it is possible to characterize the situation in Ukraine today. While robbing and holding people in fear of their country of assorted armed groups are increasingly affected and from each other. The evidence is that at least the recent RAID of security forces at the base of seemingly loyal to Kiev of the Crimean Tatar battalion that occurred in the Kherson region.



And although the APU command later explained his position on this incident and even apologized, in the Majlis, the conflict is not considered exhausted. After the recent failed attempts to reverse the situation in the ATO zone fighters and commanders of the Ukrainian army units are full of anger and hatred to everything around him. Increasingly the anger is spilling over to citizens of the country, for the authorities, who in some cases do not even try to simulate the appearance of control over the situation. In Ukraine today is becoming more explicit, the new force, the so-called “ATO veterans”, last tested and battle-ready for all the soldiers of the APU and volunteer battalions of thugs.


“Saviors of the Fatherland”


The incident in question occurred on Monday night on the basis of the so-called “battalion of them. Of Noman Çelebicihan” – armed formation under the control “of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people” (organization banned in Russia) and its leader Lenura Islyamova. Thus the essence of the conflict remained unclear. Whether the army was given the task to verify the legitimacy of this division to an impressive Arsenal of weapons and ammunition, whether the battalion decided to test the skills of the soldiers.

We only know that the clash, which occurred late at night, ended in complete disarmament medzhlisovtsev, and the information that was spread by the adviser to the head of the Ukrainian interior Ministry Ilya Kiva, their camp was discovered and RPGs, and assault rifles with machine guns, and an impressive amount of ammunition.


People in paramilitary form, the current standard entourage of any Ukrainian village. The soldiers and law enforcement officers are forced to share its status of security forces with the soldiers of the semi-legal organizations and nationalist volunteer forces. They say that the number of “ATO veterans” already outnumber the number of truly fought in the conflict zone.


And everyone who after the Donbass identified themselves as “saviors of the Fatherland” – its opinion, its own position, expressed in particular are very aggressive.



Not so long ago a group of these “veterans” staged a blockade of the regions of Ukraine, which the Kiev authorities called “temporarily occupied”. A group of former “war veterans” simply blocked the railway line, resulting in the movement of trains in the direction of Donetsk villages was discontinued. One of the organizers of the action – known character on the current Ukrainian political scene, member of Parliament and former commander of one of the volunteer battalions Semyon Semenchenko reported that they were joined by current employees of law enforcement agencies.


His colleague in Parliament, the police not only suggested the protesters in the case of overclocking attempts to use your weapon, but also personally applied force to the police, who tried to restore order. The Deputy also threatened the authorities in Kiev that further action may be “the beginning of the end chocolate-oligarchical Empire”.


Conflicts era of neo-feudalism


Clashes between armed groups as a state of subordination, and having “public status” political analyst, docent of the Crimean Federal University Nikolay Kuzmin calls nothing short of “internecine warfare”.


“Each battalion has its own feeding area,” he notes. And weak just throw in that “market”. Such clashes will occur more often as a lack of “fodder” in the conflict between feeding the inevitable. This is the principle of the wild field: in the past, when we had a drought and the grass became scarce, the nomads began to destroy each other.”


In this case, speaking specifically about the episode with the assault battalion base in the Kherson region, then the incident can be considered also a consequence of popular discontent with the actions of this illegal armed formation. This is the opinion of the Chairman of the state Committee on the Affairs of interethnic relations and deported citizens of the Republic of Crimea Zaur Smirnov.



“Battalion Islyamova is the usual gang that formed from religious extremists, people with a dark past who is wanted and involved in certain illegal fighting – emphasizes Smirnov. – Attempts to give the group official status only exacerbate the situation. According to our data, in the Kherson region is very high degrees of negative attitudes. Official Kiev is unlikely to do something, because there are intertwined interests of such banned in Russia of groups like “Right sector” battalion “Azov” battalion Islyamova. The current incident shows that the Foundation of future conflict are already planted.”


Of conflict of the era of neo-feudalism called the events in Ukraine action involving armed forces, the majority of experts. So, the Director of the Russian Center of geopolitical studies of the Institute of innovative development Dmitry Rodionov notes that the official establishment of the Kyiv today frankly squeeze those that expect to access the public “trough”. The expert reminds: the battalion, which was originally created ostensibly for the return of the Crimea to the Ukraine, and has not received the official registration, despite overtures Poroshenko in the side of the Crimean Tatars.


In addition, there is information about the fact that the volunteer battalions, supervision over which keeps Arsen Avakov, exist only at the expense of regular contributions in the private coffers of the interior Minister. It is not excluded, analysts believe that Crimean Tatar “army” simply did not consider it necessary to fork out, believing in their high Patriotic mission. And paid for that defeat…


“Just a stupid creature”


Not because such stories against its “defenders” in Ukraine today is often negative? Population bored with the pathetic stories of “cyborgs”, the actual facts tell a different story. According to the military Prosecutor’s office, non-combat losses of the APU over the past year significantly exceeded the fighting, amounting to 256 people against 211. Low morale of the soldiers is confirmed by the regular evasion of mobilization by the wholesale flight from the front. Wanted for unauthorized abandonment of its parts – for hundreds of soldiers, and the number of escaped units in the ATO zone is measured at least one infantry squad per week.



Known Ukrainian human rights activist and lawyer Tatyana Montyan considers most of the “veterans” to “sick in the head bandits.”


“They rushed to war because nothing ever could, they initially went there to earn extra money, killing, pomaroderit, ponasilovat” she said recently.


As for the blockade of the DNI and LC from the so-called “ATO veterans”, that, in her opinion, is plain greed.


“If one path is blocked, then on other roads is an increased number of smuggling. No other explanation for this insanity is not. Because idiot it is clear that no anthracite in the East Ukraine can not live. Just a stupid critter,” said Montyan.

It dissipates many Ukrainians and former fog around the “high destiny” of the volunteer battalions, around the activities of volunteers. Many people today are increasingly talking about the lack of transparency and outright corruption of these processes. In particular, shared this opinion in the Ukrainian media a former soldier of the Israel defense forces Tzvi Arieli, who is of noble impulses came to help shape a new Ukrainian army, and even received Ukrainian citizenship, but after one and a half years as an instructor of the national guard fully razacharovalsya in their ideas.

The stories of Ariel, he saw the theft of the forest covered by a military command, and unnaturally expensive purchases of military equipment sent volunteers, funds, and unclear “application of funds”.


“And machinery, which are supplied? Kick the door and it falls off. The gun does not shoot…”. – the volunteer speaks.


To live up to impeachment


The only thing that is not disputed in the mass consciousness of ordinary people in Ukraine, it is the fact that the security forces “resisting the aggressor”. And this status allows people in the military and paramilitary uniforms not only feel their “status quo”, but also to put forward various kinds of demands in the political sphere. Recently, for example, a “police regiment “the Peacemaker” (unofficial battalion, operating under the auspices of the Ministry of internal Affairs), announced the convening in April of this year, “Ukrainian Veche volunteer units”. As stressed by the representative of the formation Alexander voytko, they are going to demand cleansing the police from those employees who fraudulently got in its ranks during the reform. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to suggest a strategy of restarting the reform of law enforcement bodies, which, according to the representative of the regiment “the Peacemaker,” at an impasse.



The country’s authorities and personally Poroshenko in these circumstances, simply forced to reckon with the opinion of the crowd. The crowd of armed, well-trained, held fighting.


“If you start a third Maidan, Poroshenko will inevitably become the new President in exile, which, of course, will make it unattainable for its Ukrainian assets, – considers the political scientist from Donetsk Alexey Gumilev. And it does not matter what heights he has achieved over the last year. For Poroshenko to hold on until the spring of 2019 – this is the greatest success. So he will do everything that the people as little as possible twitched. It will throw “candy” pravosekov, to feed the people bezveza, war, evil Putin, terrorists, anything – just to stretch out before the election alive.”


Meanwhile, some experts have attributed the activation in the camp of the security forces (which include the conflicts in their environment and expressed dissatisfaction with the current government) with the position of some political forces have already set up early parliamentary elections in Ukraine, which may occur this spring.


In particular, the Kiev political analyst Vitaly Bala in an interview to UNN was announced by the forecast according to which in April-may can be running mechanisms for the dissolution of Parliament and the resignation of the government. In this period, as recalled by the expert, the deadline for the immunity of the Cabinet of Ministers, namely, the period when it is impossible to dismiss (the year after the appointment).


“Those political forces who want to start re-election this spring have the opportunity to try to make it happen,” – said Vitaly Bala.


Author: Dmitry Sergeyev

Photo: Minsterstvo defence of Ukraine / Facebook,