To live to a hundred years. 10 habits that will help to do

To live to a hundred years. 10 habits that will help to do

Good habits can add several years to your life! And often, these habits are quite burdensome.

Great news — it foretells that you will live 20% longer than if you recovered. Should worry the ladies whose waist is 90 cm and more (men — 100 cm). They need 20‑minute workouts 2-3 times a week to strengthen muscles the abdomen and back, the omega‑3 and substitute in the diet of 25% animal fats to vegetable.

2. Do you eat for Breakfast oatmeal with berries?

(The mess I mean not instant food, and berries are natural, frozen or dried whole). Great! One serving of this cereal will give you 12 grams of fiber. Meanwhile, an additional 10 grams of fiber a day may reduce the risk of vascular disease by 17%, as cleanse the body of “bad” cholesterol and prevent surges of insulin. Rich in fiber, and fiber all cereal and non-starchy vegetables.

3. You used to count calories?

At least approximately take into account the calorie content of each meal and the total calories they eat in a week? Excellent! Recent studies conducted in the USA showed that people who pay attention to the calorie content of your diet, consuming 1400-2000 calories a day, while the remaining 2000-3000 kcal. In the end, the first look and feel in an average of 15 years younger than the second!

News5 facts about green tea, who should know каждый4. Are you a tea drinker?

Congratulations! Both black and green tea give you a solid dose of catechins, normalizing blood pressure and protect the heart. Japanese scientists found that those who drink five or more cups of tea daily, it protects itself from a heart attack or stroke. The only condition of obtaining catechins: tea should be brewed from the leaves and every day, again not drinking old tea.

5. You often eat purple vegetables, fruits, and berries such as red grapes and beetroot?

Great choice. Their color is due to very useful substances — polyphenols. They protect the artery feeding the heart from atherosclerosis, and brain cells from dementia.

6. You run 5 times a week for 40 minutes or more?

The benefits of running cannot be overemphasized. A medical study conducted in California, found that runners are protected from certain cancers, neurological disorders and infections. However, if you don’t like running, it can be replaced aerobics on fresh air or Cycling and skiing.

News8 plants that charge энергией7. Do you prefer to walk, not to go on the transport?

The right choice! 30 minute walk a day can keep the body weight and especially the amount of fat in acceptable health limits. And this, according to various sources, adds from 5 to 15 years of full life!

8. You train your leg muscles?

Do while charging, squats, lunges, finger guns, plie, ballet exercises at the Barre? Rollerblading and skiing? Strong and balanced leg muscles — your protection from falls on slippery roads and related injuries and fractures. In particular femoral neck fractures, which are elegant in the age of bad grow together, significantly impair quality of life and its duration. Strong muscles of the thighs and buttocks will prevent a dangerous fracture.

9. Do you like flowers?

Grow them at the cottage in pots on the balcony or on the window? Love them to transplant, to feed? Floriculture — a great tool from age-related depression and irritability. A study conducted in Australia, showed that the growers 27% more positive thinking and longer retain mental abilities than their peers.

10. You feel like you’re 13 years less than it actually is, and behave accordingly?

It is a sign of both psychological and physical health! Youth attitude reduces anxiety and the risk of cardiovascular problems and enhances immunity.