The interior Ministry has canceled the order on a ban on shooting in the police

The Ministry of internal Affairs cancelled the order banning photos and video in police stations without the approval of the leadership. This representative of the interior Ministry announced during a meeting of the Supreme court, hearing the petition of activist Yana Itelescope, appeal the ban, reports “Interfax”.

“I ask to stop the proceedings in connection with the cancellation of the order,” — said the representative office. According to him, it happened because of the loss of the order of 10 February 2017, according to one official acts. The prosecution has not objected to this decision of the Ministry of interior.

Kotelevsky was arrested in April 2016, when he, along with two other activists, Andrew Eagle and Jevgenijs Prasinum, entered the territory of the police station in the town of Ramenskoye in Moscow region and removed the building on camera. They argued that part of the land on which parked cars employees — illegally occupied municipal property. Two days later the court arrested the activists for disobedience to employees of bodies of internal Affairs. Kotelevskiy got 12 days eagle — ten, and Proshin — three.

During the detention Kotelevskiy I turned on the recorder which was left on for several hours. On entry into the dispute of activist and police officers about the application of force during the arrest. Police say that “politely escorted” Itelescope not to cause physical pain. Kotelevskiy replied: “That’s a storyteller! Hans Christian Andersen!”. Also notable were the police talking about how to get the activist a copy of the Protocol drawn up with violations. One of the police officers offered in this regard, “the horns give him”.

The record caused a wide resonance — July 26, Chairman of the coordinating Council of the interregional trade Union of the Moscow police Michael Pashkin said that in connection with the publication of these voice recordings of the ATS Ramenskoe can be disbanded.