The California Governor asked the White house the money due to the destruction of the dam

Jerry Brown

Governor of California Jerry brown has sent the White house a letter asking for assistance in connection with the emergency situation at lake Oroville due to the destruction of the dam. On Tuesday, February 14, writes The Merccury News.

“Federal assistance is necessary to save lives and protect property, public health and safety”, — the statement says. Clarifies that urgent help is required 10 thousand people evacuated from the three counties of Sutter, Butte and Yuba. 13 Feb in these regions have declared a state of emergency, in total due to the destruction of the dam was announced the evacuation of about 200 thousand people.

Brown also held a press conference during which he assured that authorities are doing everything possible to eliminate the existing threats.

Earlier, on 14 February in the Internet appeared the record on which the sealed outlet of the reservoir banks.

February 11, after heavy rains, the water began to overflow through the emergency first, and then the main spillway of the dam. Then it was recorded the destruction of the latter due to erosion. Authorities fear that the dam could completely collapse, leading to massive flooding.