Sands: talking about lifting sanctions with the US administration was not



The Kremlin has not commented on the scandal, which erupted in the United States in connection with the contacts of the assistant to the President for national security Michael Flynn with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak. “We did not wish to comment on any internal discussions that are underway in Washington,” – said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, answering the question.

Answering the question of whether informed Kislyak Moscow, his contacts with Flynn, Peskov said: “of Course, any Ambassador informs the center about all of its contacts, so the information goes.”

Dmitry Peskov also said that during his contacts with US officials the issue of lifting economic sanctions was not raised. “We already talked about the fact that they (the conversations) was not” – he said.

Previously, the Washington Post reported that Flynn discussed on the phone anti-Russian sanctions, Russian Ambassador to Washington Sergei Kislyak. According to this, consultations between Flynn and Kislyak at the imposed limits of Moscow took place a month before the inauguration of US President Donald trump. The publication claims that in the White house, some believed, the negotiations of the future assistant to the President and the Russian Ambassador inappropriate and potentially unlawful signal to Moscow that sanctions may be weakened.

The Kremlin has previously denied this information. Peskov said that he understood that “some conversations (Flynn and Kislyak) took place,” but “it is better to confirm in the Ministry of foreign Affairs”. “In the rest of the information is wrong,” – said a Kremlin spokesman asked to comment on whether the Russian Ambassador and assistant trump discussed the topic of sanctions.

Electronic version of the newspaper The Wall Street Journal reported that trump and his key political Advisor to Stephen Bannon intend to continue to work with Flynn, however, talk about his departure from the White house did not subside. The publication claims that “the opinion trump on this issue remains unclear”. According to the newspaper, in conversation with his entourage, the us President expressed dissatisfaction with the situation. “But trump also said that he is confident in Flynn wants “to move further”, – the newspaper writes, citing a source familiar with the mood in the White house.