Russian deputies gathered to bring their Syrian colleagues in Grozny

Dmitry Sablin

Russian parliamentarians invited Syrian colleagues to visit Russia in April. On Monday, February 13, said the coordinator of the parliamentary group of friendship with Parliament of Syria Dmitry Sablin (“United Russia”) at the end of the Republic, reports TASS.

“Perhaps not only in Moscow go. Take a trip, for example, in Grozny”, — said the Deputy of the state Duma.

A group of Russian parliamentarians arrived in Syria on 6 February. During the trip they visited Aleppo, the Russian base Hamim, met with Chairman of the Syrian Parliament All Abbas and the President of the Republic Bashar al-Assad.

According to its results, one of the members of the parliamentary group of the state Duma for relations with the Syrian Parliament, Alexander Yushchenko said that the information about the poor health of the Assad untrue. His colleague Sergey Gavrilov also emphasized that the Syrian leader is in good physical shape.

After the first meeting of the parliamentary group on 13 January it was reported that Russian parliamentarians are planning to fly to the Syrian Arab Republic twice a year and many make return visits.