Putin appointed Deputy Lyubimova acting Governor of Ryazan region

Putin appointed Deputy Lyubimova acting Governor of Ryazan region

President Vladimir Putin accepted the resignation of the Governor of Ryazan region Oleg Kovalev. The acting head of the region appointed the Deputy of the state Duma Nikolay Lyubimov.

President Vladimir Putin has appointed the Deputy of the State Duma Nikolay Lyubimov acting Governor of Ryazan region. This was reported on the Kremlin website.

The same decree the President has accepted the resignation of the head of region Oleg Kovalev. The decree comes into force from the day of its signing.
During a meeting with Lyubimov, the President recalled that the MP started his career in Kaluga, calling it one of the best regions. “If I offer to lead a neighboring region, Ryazan, make there to be at least in Kaluga? What do You see there prospects?” — asked the President.

Lyubimov agreed, adding that he believes the Ryazan region “perspective, very beautiful, with a rich cultural and historical past, with rich potential in tourism and, of course, developed industrial and agricultural region”.

The President called on the acting Governor in his “to be closer to people, to feel what they live, what problems face in their daily lives, and to proceed from the need to address these issues.”

That Oleg Kovalyov, who served as the Governor of the Ryazan region since 2008, announced early resignation became known on the morning of February 14. An announcement he made at a meeting of the regional government, adding that applied about a week ago. He does not intend to participate in the autumn elections of the Governor.

Earlier resignation Kovalev reported the TV channel “Rain”, citing a source in the Kremlin. The sides of the channel at the same time, called the name of the receiver — Nikolay Lyubimov.

Nikolay Lyubimov was born in 1971 in Kaluga. He graduated from
the historical faculty of Kaluga state pedagogical Institute. K. E. Tsiolkovsky. In 1997 she came to work in the administration of the Kaluga region, where he worked for three years. In 2000, he headed the Central Agency for the registration of issues of securities of joint stock companies in Kaluga, in 2003-2004 worked as General Director of JSC “Kaluga mortgage Corporation”.

In 2004 he was appointed Minister of economic development of Kaluga region Governor Anatoly Artamonov. In 2007 he became the mayor of Kaluga. When it was adopted, the General plan of the city district, the construction of municipal housing, construction area right Bank, opened after the reconstruction of the Gagarin’s bridge across the Oka river commissioned and started production of automotive parts “Gestamp-Severstal-Kaluga”, service metallotsentr “Gestamp-Gonvarri-Kaluga”, the production of trucks “Volvo Vostok”.

According to the Index of political influence of heads of the 100 largest cities of Russia, prepared by Fund “the Petersburg policy”, in 2010, Lyubimov was among the five best Russian mayors.

In 2010-2015 held the post of Deputy Governor of Kaluga region Anatoly Artamonov at the same time as Sep 2011 he was the head of the administration. In September 2016 elected to the state Duma (according to the list of “United Russia”), became part of the Committee on budget and taxes.

Declared income in 2015 was 2 million 439,7 thousand RUB, the couple 1 million 90.8 thousand RUB.