Private life of the cat

Private life of the cat

Wild cats could celebrate Valentine’s day, because many of them have a mating season falls in the late winter — early spring. About love in the world the cat — in the material of a special project of RIA Novosti “Year of ecology”.

Cat invisible cat-loner — it’s all about the Pallas cat, the cat, which many had heard, but seen alive units.

But if you are in the spring will be able to see it racing at breakneck speed, you know, Pallas took to the path of love. In order to gain his beloved, manul changes the usual way and begins to live at a different speed. Includes the fast and the furious usually slow manul for a reason.

Cats have places to be.

The period in which the conception, the females are rather short, not more than 42 hours.

Every minute counts, and even competitors are not asleep. The battle for the attention of females is extremely cruel — active fan bravely beating rivals. During courtship manul gentle and caring “lady.”

However, having achieved his goal, a male without delay hiding in their possessions. Out of sight, out of mind. The fate of a young brute of a father not interested.

A single mother herself looking for a secluded place. Usually it is the old burrows of the Mongolian marmot or Fox, crevices of rocks. The pregnancy is 60 days. Cubs are born in April-may. In the same litter can have six kittens. They are completely helpless, blind and bald, weigh less than 300 grams, length — not more than 12 inches, the eyes open at 10-12 days.

However, kittens grow very fast and in three or four months out on the first hunt in six to eight months nothing looks no different from adults, 10 — ready for breeding. And the males again waiting for spring and rushing to meet the beloved.

But Amur tigers are worn at all pairs not only in the mating season. The high rank one of the fastest animals on earth requires.

In the wild these beautiful animals a few hundred, and they are struggling to procreate. The tigers, there is no particular season for mating. Siberian tiger — animal-loner like most cats, and to find a suitable partner — is luck. It is noteworthy that often the initiator of the “relationship” is a tiger. On the vast territory (each area of the tiger range can reach 300 square kilometers) of the cat looking for the right partner.

When tigers mate many times throughout a marriage relationship together. The male protects his chosen and violently grapple with competitors, but after conception takes from a female and looking for a new partner for procreation.

Tiger moms amazing caring and gentle. Pregnant cat has offspring 95-112 days alone. At this time, she arranges for the family safe lair in remote places, thick forest, rocky crevices or small caves. In the same lair of the tigress gives birth.

When the kitten turns six months, the mother begins to teach them hunting skills. A year old the cubs are allowed to try themselves in self-hunting, and to two years they gain the necessary experience and is able to overcome large prey. After reaching puberty, the tigers leave the family and become fully independent life, preparing himself for the fulfillment of their nature goal — to build a family, to continue and to save his family.

As Amur tigers, far Eastern leopards luck. Mate they can, when they please. These rare cats can breed all year round. Far Eastern leopards — predators-single, and see the two individuals are together only during the “cat wedding”.

When the male is looking for contact with a female, he actively leaves smell marks, visit places where more likely to meet with “the lady”, and sings “love Serenade” (produces a characteristic growl).

One male “cares” for multiple females, but they are not jealous: the call of nature and nothing personal.

Task tiger to give birth to as many kittens, like it or not — you should try.

Mating leopards in the wild for a long time has been little studied by scientists. Secretive big cats feelings, not put on display. The first footage of the courtship was captured by the camera in the nature reserve “Kedrovaya Pad” only in March 2015.

Vintage video with a straight, indifferent male was flirting young female: tumbled before the partner. Courtship continued until the evening. To date, this is the only video of the courtship of the spotted predators captured in their natural environment.

Finest hour for leopards who have reached puberty, occurs in the late winter and early spring, which coincides with the period of oestrus in females.

“Candy buketny” period goes for males in a fairly economical mode. Enough together to hunt with the female, which is the highest expression of feelings, and you can proceed to the main part. But then sometimes there are unforeseen difficulties. Female leopard become pregnant every year, and every two years (and not always).

If all goes well, the litter can be from one to five kittens, but more often two or three. Like domestic cats, cats from snow leopards are born blind. The first release from orbisat happens around the age of two months. Since that time the mother begins to give them meat.

At the age of three months, cubs are capable of walking with her mother, and about six months beginning to hunt for themselves, imitating his mother: at first to the production creeps all the family, but it all comes down to making a female. Finally to independent life young leopards become ready for the second winter and leave the mother and begin to live independently.