Poroshenko sent to fight in the Donbass Arab mercenaries and pensioners

The Deputy commander of the operational command of the DPR Eduard Basurin said at a briefing on Tuesday that the Ukrainian units are experiencing an acute shortage of personnel. For this reason, said Eduard Basurin, the command of the APU enters into the composition of the regular units of the detachments of national guardsmen and mercenaries, including from Arab countries.


“According to the survey, 36 brigade of Marines has already reinforced by two troops of the National guard, and the 14th brigade noted the presence of Arab mercenaries” – said Basurin.


In DND also said that in parts sent and reservists, many of whom are older than 40 years. For example, such military command Mat complements the 30th brigade, stationed in Volnovakha.


Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian security forces launched an offensive on positions of the DNI near the village of Kominternovo , and lost five men killed. The offensive failed.

Photo: Karam Almasri / Globallookpress