Playboy will return to the page pictures of naked women

Playboy men’s magazine in its print version will resume posting photos of fully naked women. On Monday, February 13, said the son of the founder of the Empire and the creative Director of publications, Cooper Hefner in his Instagram.

According to him, the former concept of the magazine with naked women is really outdated. However, he noted, Playboy shouldn’t have to completely deprive nudity, because it was never a problem. “Today we returned our distinctive feature and again Express myself,” added Hefner.


Photo published @playboy

In addition, Playboy microblog on Twitter posted a picture of the cover of the next issue with a naked model.

Playboy (@Playboy)
On 13 February 2017, 15:00

In October 2015, the men’s magazine announced the refusal to publish in its print version of fully naked models. The publication refused to take such pictures to the magazine received a rating of PG-13 and was able to buy and read teenagers. Latest candid photo on the cover was a picture of Pamela Anderson. At first chaste cover in March 2016 put dressed model Sarah McDaniel with abnormal pigmentation of the iris with heterochromia.

Playboy — the magazine for men, published in the United States since 1953. Russian version of magazine is published since 1995. At different times on the cover of the edition appeared of Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford, Pamela Anderson.