NASA revealed the landing site of the Mars mission

NASA revealed the landing site of the Mars mission

Mission Mars 2020 recommended that three areas of the red planet for a landing Rover in 2020. It is reported by NASA.

Three potential sites for landing the lunar Rover include northeast Big of Sirte (a very old part of the planet’s surface), the crater of quick and easy (in his place in ancient times was a lake) and the Columbia hills (a series of low hills inside Gusev crater, previously studied by the Spirit Rover).

The Mars 2020 Rover is scheduled to launch from launch complex 41 at Cape Canaveral (Florida, USA) in July or August 2020 with the help of the rocket Atlas V 541. The goal of the program is geological studies of the planet, looking for possible traces of life, as well as assessment of the resources of Mars for human use in a future manned mission.

Currently orbiting Mars are six stations. On the surface of the red planet are the only American Mars Rovers Opportunity (2004) and Curiosity (2012). Rover Opportunity — record for the duration of the work, and Curiosity is the most heavy lunar Rover (it weighs 900 kilograms).