Milonov demanded to check a psychiatrist

Vitaly Milonov

The Deputy of Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Alexei Kovalev demanded to prosecute his colleague from the state Duma Vitaly Milonov for inciting national hatred and enmity. The statement he sent to the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin, according to “Fontanka” on Monday, February 13.

Claims Kovalev are associated with one of the recent statements Milonov, which concerned a dispute around the St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Russian Orthodox Church.

“The government has called the current Church service in the Cathedral of “serf theater, poteshalis for those who come here on tour buses” than degrading the hundred members (last year there were held more than six hundred worship)”, — he said.

Kovalev also called on the SC to appoint psihologo-psychiatric examination of the member.

Vitaly Milonov, in its turn, said that speaking about the ancestors of the opponents, does not mean the Jews. “They were victims, they were killed by the Gentiles. And Kovalev is just not enough of political arguments, so he knocks. I if the anti-Semite, a consumer in the moment when fighting with his wife” — he explained.

February 12, Milonov stated that members of the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, do not agree with the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral Church, exploiting the situation for political PR. “Christians survived, despite the fact that the ancestors of Boris L. Vishnevsky and Maxim Lvovich Reznik (deputies of St. Petersburg legislative Assembly, spoke out against the transfer of Isaac — approx. “Of the”) cooked us in the boilers and gave at the mercy of the beasts,” he said.