Kiev is playing with fire, turning a blind eye to the actions of “Right sector” – the media

The statements of the Ukrainian authorities about the fact that Kiev is in control of a volunteer corps made up of supporters of extremist groups are not true. So says a columnist for the Washington Post Jack Losh. Excerpts from the piece cites RIA Novosti.


As noted by American journalist, the official Kiev has repeatedly stated that the soldiers, not the organization “Right sector” withdrawn from the conflict zone in the South-East of Ukraine. One of the fighters of the organization in an interview with Jack Show said that this is only the official version.


“Officially we’re not here. Politicians say that we brought. But in the East it’s different. We have a good relationship with the soldiers. We have a common enemy,” explained one of the representatives of the “Right sector”.


Such “volunteers” according to the columnist WP can become a serious threat to Kiev. The Ukrainian government is “playing with fire”, turning a blind eye to the extremists that are present in the conflict zone in the Donbass.


Losh also notes that “Right sector” radicals come from all over the world, including neo-fascists and far-right Europeans.

Photo: Alexander Maksimenko / RIA Novosti