Jury prize World Press Photo has selected the best photos of wildlife

Jury prize World Press Photo has selected the best photos of wildlife

Monday, February 13 took place the awarding of winners of the prestigious World Press Photo awards, which is awarded for the best pictures for the media. Among other was named the best pictures in the category “Nature”.

First place went to the Spaniard Francis Perez, who noticed the Canary Islands entangled in fishing nets sea turtle.

A sea turtle entangled in a fishing net swims off the coast of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. #worldpressphoto Picture: Francis Perez pic.twitter.com/snJWYRG7gj

— Lynzy Billing (@LynzyBilling) 13 Feb 2017

In second place was Indian, Nayan of Khanolkar with the “Big cat in my back yard”. He captured leopard who came into the Northern part Mubai in search of food — usually, it be dogs or pigs.

India’s Nayan Khanolkar has won 2nd Prize in the Nature Single category at the World Press Photo 2017. #worldpressphoto pic.twitter.com/tLFndjTAAX

— Ahmer Khan (@ahmermkhan) 13 Feb 2017

“Monarchs in the snow” — the name for the picture, thanks to which Jaime Rojo from Spain managed to become a “bronze” medalist. The author has removed the monarch butterfly in Mexico, where the snow storm caught during migration in the United States.

Un manto de mariposas monarca sobre la nieve en un santuario mexicano del fotógrafo español Jaime Rojo, tercer premio de @WorldPressPhoto pic.twitter.com/UgNejOy6Ta

— EFEverde (@EFEverde) 13 Feb 2017

Prize responsive to the problems of modern society, marked by a series of works devoted to the killing of rhinos by poachers in South Africa, successfully release pandas into the wild in China and a night walk deer in Hungary.

Brent Stirton gana “Historia de Naturaleza” de @WorldPressPhoto con la matanza de terrible rinos en South Africa, 1.175 ejemplares solo en 2015 pic.twitter.com/rQgGAoiU19

— WWF España (@WWFespana) 13 Feb 2017
A series of works Brent Stirton about the killings of rhinos

@Amivee takes #WPPh2017 2nd prize in Nature Stories for great work on the giant #panda conservation https://t.co/6c3zAyS3kE pic.twitter.com/xI2I1RWCHn

— World Press Photo (@WorldPressPhoto) 13 Feb 2017

“My planet” talked about the other major international competitions of photography devoted to nature and travel.

There are some beautiful wildlife photos in the @WorldPressPhoto Nature category. And some horrifically sad ones. https://t.co/f5m54b13aj pic.twitter.com/76b0kXZDDV

— David Sim (@davidsim) 13 Feb 2017
All winners in the category “Nature”