In some regions of Indonesia have banned Valentine’s Day

The authorities of several regions of Indonesia banned the celebration of Valentine’s Day. According to them, the holiday is contrary to the Muslim traditions. On Tuesday, February 14, reports The Independent.

In the framework of the execution of a precept by the police in Makassar on the island Sulawesi held a mass removal of condoms from store shelves. Local authorities have indicated that implementation of contraceptives was carried on uncontrollably. From now on, employees of minimarkets are prohibited from selling them to teenagers and young people.

C 2012 the celebration of Valentine’s Day forbidden by the local religious authorities of the country. In Surabaya, the second largest city of Indonesia, the government has forbidden to celebrate this holiday within the walls and outside the school.

Nevertheless, the majority of the country’s Muslims are tolerant of who came from the West to the holiday. He acquired a special popularity in the capital, Jakarta, where on Valentine’s day companies offer clients special discounts and conditions.